Terms & Conditions

Deposits and Payment

Ready-Made Designs: Ready-Made Designs are all designs that can be downloaded immediately upon payment.  These include but are not limited to: icon sets, button sets, review graphics, etc.  Full payment is due at checkout.

Premade eBook Covers: Full payment is due at checkout.  Any items in your cart not paid for will be returned to stock and may be purchased by another customer.  You will be emailed a proof of the customized design and given the opportunity to request corrections and/or minor changes.  We will send you the final design upon your approval of the proof, at which point no refund will be granted.

Custom eBook Covers: 50% deposit, 50% upon completion. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due upon your approval of our initial quote for custom design work.  The balance of the 50% is to be paid upon completion of design work, once design is approved by you and before the design is delivered to you. Work begins when initial deposit is received.

Other Custom Designs:  You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting your order, and any details will be discussed and priced prior to our sending an invoice.  Full, non-refundable payment is required before any design work begins.

Mixed Orders: For any orders which include pre-made cover(s) or ready-made design(s) plus other item(s), full payment for the pre-made cover is due at time of checkout.  Other items will be invoiced separately from pre-made cover(s) once details have been discussed and priced.


Custom covers can be canceled at any time prior to our delivery to you of the design work; however, the 50% initial deposit is non-refundable.

Images & Stock Photos

Due to copyright concerns, we do not accept client-provided images for design projects.  If you would like to choose your own images for custom design work, please ask us for image source information.  We can direct you to our stock photo source to choose an image included in our subscription, or the price of an image can be added to your total, and we can purchase the image directly from the source.


Excluding ebook covers and print designs, graphics purchased from Jellydog Design are licensed for use only under the following conditions:

  • You may use the graphics only on the licensed website indicated on your order, and you must contact us to update your license record if your website address changes. Use on additional websites requires additional purchases.
  • You may not deconstruct, alter, modify, or otherwise change the purchased graphics except to reduce or increase in size as needed.
  • You may not transfer ownership, sell, or otherwise share the purchased graphics.

*Many of our graphics include stock images for which we have purchased appropriate licenses. Your modification of our graphics may also be a violation of the original copyright and licensing of these stock images and may result in legal action from the designer whose stock image copyright you have infringed upon.

Violation of the above conditions will result in termination of your license to use the graphics in question and notification to your Internet Service Provider under the provisions of Section 512(c) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”)

Copyright for eBook Cover Design

Client will have the exclusive right to the finished cover design. Any concepts (design proofs, etc) that are not chosen and paid for will be a violation of Jellydog Design’s rights if they are used elsewhere.


Minor revisions can be requested after we provide the initial mockup. We allow TWO rounds of minor revisions, after which there is a charge for additional revision design work.


Jellydog Design does not work directly with printers or facilitate print orders.  If you purchase a print design from us (e.g. bookmark design, etc), we will provide the print-ready design, including embedded and/or outlined fonts, bleeds, and trim marks as needed.

Please note that some print materials may not show the exact same color that is showing up on your screen. This is due to differences in computer monitors, differences in color formats required for printing and screen viewing, and differences in printing equipment.

Final Design File Delivery

Due to the size of most designs, especially hi-res e-book covers, we will zip the completed design and provide you with a download link.  If you need help unzipping a file, just let us know, and we can walk you through it (it’s easy!).

Purchase Contract with Jellydog Design

By purchasing from Jellydog Design, you are consenting to be bound by the terms of these policies and procedures.

Free Updates & Mailing List

Upon checkout, all customers are automatically added to our master customer mailing list; however, this is a not a subscription to regular emails or newsletters.  Rather, this list allows us to contact you via MailChimp in the event that we update or add to a design you have purchased.  For example, if you purchase a social icon set, and Facebook changes its logo, we will update the set to include the new logo and email that update to you.