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Designed to match the rest of our Book Blogger Icon packs, our Age & Content Warning Icon Set was created for book bloggers that like to help parents make informed decisions when choosing books for their kids. While we firmly believe that many books that end up challenged or banned are actually great for kids, we also understand that some content might be a little too much for them to understand until they’re a bit older. With that in mind, this icon set includes 20 colorful and descriptive icons to dress up your reviews while keeping parents in the know about things like age appropriateness and more mature content. Use it with Ultimate Book Blogger and the Icon Tags Plugin to make your reviews stand out!


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This set includes icons for:

All Ages | Children (6+) | Young Teens (13+) | Older Teens (16+) | Adults Only (18+) | Alcohol | Bad Language | Character Death | Discrimination | Drugs | Fear | Gambling | Intolerance | Occultism | Online | Sex & Nudity | Smoking | Terrorism | Violence

Did we miss one?  Is there another topic that should be in the set?  Let us know, so we can consider adding it!

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