Buy the Book Button Set: Color Rings


Tired of the mismatched buttons all the big online book retailers provide?  Same here.  So we created our own and then started making them for everyone else!  Our Color Rings set of Buy the Book buttons includes matching designs that you can use to point your readers to all the great places they can buy your books, including some of the top booksellers in Canada, UK, and Australia, subscription sites, and a TON of international Amazon sites — plus Goodreads!

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This set includes buttons for:

AbeBooks | Alibris | Amazon AU | Amazon BR | Amazon | Amazon CA | Amazon CN | Amazon DE | Amazon ES | Amazon FR | Amazon Global | Amazon IN | Amazon IT | Amazon JP | Amazon MX | Amazon NL | Amazon Smile | Amazon UK | Audible | Barnes & Noble | Better World Books | Book Depository | Books A Million | Booktopia | Chapters | | CreateSpace | | Foyles | Generic/Publisher | Goodreads | Google Play | Hive | Hoopla | iBooks | Indiebound | Indigo | Kindle | Kindle Unlimited | Kobo | Lifeway | Nook | Overdrive | Powell’s | Scribd | Smashwords | Waterstones | Wordery

The world of online books is constantly growing, and our button set grows right along with it.  But there’s no reason you should have to pay more just because a new retailer cropped up, so once you’ve purchased this button set, we’ll just email you any new buttons that we create for it.

Did we miss one  Is there a new site we haven’t heard about yet?  Let us know, so we can add it!

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If there's an icon you need, we'll do our best to add it. Please keep in mind, though, that our designs require high-quality vector logos, which not all sites make available or are willing/able to provide.

Each button is 126×36 pixels and displays in the size/clarity shown below:

*Demo image shown on left is “watermarked” with diagonal lines to discourage copying.  Purchased buttons will be crisp, clear, and without any annoying stripes.

Licensed Website *

You shouldn’t have to save a license file or receipt as proof of purchase. Simply enter the website URL where you’ll be using the graphic(s), and we’ll know you’re legit.

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Additional information


Graphics are provided in transparent PNG format.


Graphics are provided at 72ppi, generally considered the standard minimal resolution for displaying images on the web.

Standard License

Our Standard License allows for use of these graphics on the single website indicated on your order. You may not deconstruct, alter, modify, or otherwise change the purchased graphics except to reduce or increase in size as needed.


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