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The word “historical” doesn’t come close to covering all the different genres of historical fiction — especially when you throw in the hot Highlanders and rakish Dukes that have taken over historical romance.  Our Historical Fiction icon set includes 24 of your favorite historical fiction sub-genres for visually categorizing your book reviews.  Flat, minimalist design is in, and the long shadow effect makes sure these icons stand out while maintaining the crisp, clean look of the most popular website and blog designs.  Use it with Ultimate Book Blogger and the Icon Tags Plugin to make your reviews stand out!

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This set includes icons for:

Americana | Ancient World | Arthurian | Celtic | Civil War | Colonial | Disco ’70s | Elizabethan | Fabulous ’50s | Medieval | Native American | Pirate | Regency | Roaring ’20s | Samurai | Scottish | Stuart | Swinging ’60s | Tudor | Victorian | Viking | Western | WWI | WWII

The world of online book blogging is constantly growing, and our icon set grows right along with it.  But there’s no reason you should have to pay more just because we changed or added something.  When you purchase from us, we’ll add your contact info to our Mailchimp list for only the product you buy, so we can easily email you when your set has been updated.  Please note that we’ll only contact you with updates specific to your purchase, but you can always unsubscribe at any time if you’d rather not receive the new graphics. 
Did we miss one?  Is there another hot sub-genre that should be in the set?  Let us know, so we can add it!

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