Business Card Design – Plain Jane


We sell each design only once, so unlike the print-on-demand & craft order sites, you can be sure that no one else will have cards quite like yours.

Our Plain Jane design is a clean black and white card, with a big, bold title on the front and crisp, clean contact info on the back.  We’ve even added some nifty icons to spiff it up a little.  Check out the close-up detail to see the subtly distressed typeface we’ve used!  The title “writer” can be changed to whatever suits you, but we suggest keeping it short and bold for the best effect.

Important!  This purchase is for the design only, allowing you to save even more money by choosing your favorite local printer.  However, we are partnered with printers in several countries, so be sure to check Yes if you’d like a printing & delivery quote as well.


Front *

Back *

Specify the name and up to 5 lines of contact info you’d like included on the back of the card. This can be a phone number, email address, website link, social media links, etc. Just put “none” in any lines you don’t want to use, and we’ll adjust the spacing to fit the number of lines you want.

Need Printing, Too? *

We have a partner printer in 17 countries! Check YES if you’d like us to also send you a quote using our 25% partner discount with local delivery. It’s just a quote, so if you hate the price, you’re not obligated to anything. (Please allow 48 hours for us to get you an accurate quote.)

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Additional information


3.5" x 2" (US standard), 85mm x 55mm (UK standard)

Design Includes

★ Full bleeds
★ 300 ppi resolution
★ Flat design file ready to send or upload to printer

Printing Tips

★ "Bleeds" means that the design is larger than needed and then cut to size after printing. This allows the color or design to go all the way to the edge of the paper.
★ Computer monitors show color slightly differently than the finished, printed product, and different color printers can vary in output as well. If you're worried, ask your printer to see a physical proof, made on the same machine they'll use to print the cards, before signing off on the order.
★ All our designs should be printed digitally — like the color printer you have at home, only much fancier at the print shop.
★ The design file we sell you is flat, meaning your printing company might be able to make the whole thing larger or smaller, but they can't edit the content or design.
★ Colored paper should only be used if printing in black and white. Otherwise, it'll mess with the color of the design… plus, it costs more.