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Show off your book with a 3D Book Display Image!  Just send us your cover art, and we’ll create a 3D graphic for you for just $5.  That’s a small price to pay for a professional looking graphic you can use to market your book on your blog, Facebook, or anywhere else online.  Our 3D graphic has a transparent background, so you can easily layer it over a patterned or darker background without the dreaded white box to mess up your design.

Please note that in order to provide you with a high-quality graphic, we'll need a high-quality image of your book cover.  Blowing up a Goodreads-size image will result in a pixelated, blurry graphic that you won't want to show anyone, so please be sure to have a large copy available.  If you can dig up the final finished design that your cover designer sent you, that would be awesome.

3D Cover Images are usually completed within 48 hours of receiving the cover art from you.  *To order 3D graphics or multiple books, add the first one to your cart, and then click HERE to submit another.

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For security reasons, we can’t allow uploads directly to the site, but we still need your cover art to get started. Please provide a valid link where we can find your cover. If we need a larger size or higher resolution than what we find there, we’ll email you.

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All 3D cover graphics are provided in transparent PNG format, allowing you to use them over any color background.


3D Paperback style: 396x550px, eBook style: 367x550px

Spine Artwork

For the 3D Paperback style, if the cover artwork you provide includes a spine, it will be included in the 3D image. Otherwise, the spine in our graphic will be created from the colors, patterns, or an extension of the graphics included in your book cover. We keep it simple, though, (see our example on this page for the general idea), to keep design time and therefore prices down. If you require something more complex and are unable to provide spine artwork, please contact us prior to ordering.