Cover: I’m Yours by Erin Randall

Cover: I’m Yours by Erin Randall

This cover came about as the result of reading the book.  It was an entertaining romance, but the cover it came with just didn’t do it justice.  So in my book review, I mentioned how much better I thought the cover would represent the book if it featured a couple, stood out as a romance, etc.  And because I had a specific picture in my head, I threw together something of a mock-up that ended up being the first draft of the ebook cover you see here.  Fortunately, the author loved it, and we struck a deal to make it happen.

The biggest challenge I had with this one was the model’s hair color, though.  In the book, she’s a redhead, and while there’s no shortage of stock images featuring redheads, finding one in the right pose with the right partner isn’t so easy.  After way too much searching, I returned to the original photo I’d included in the mock-up and set about tinting the model’s hair.  Not really the easiest thing I’ve ever done, considering I didn’t want it to end up a bright orange paste job.  Lucky for me, it turned out pretty well, and with some tweaks to the typeface and layout, this book cover emerged.




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August 2, 2014

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