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My job is to look pretty while my mom does all the work.  Jellydog Design is our super-awesome hobby, and since we love books so so so much (Mom likes to read them; I like to chew them up!), we though it would be cool to help out some of the indie authors who don’t have a lot of resources for cover art and other bookish graphics.

We use high quality stock and public domain images to create professional looking graphics that will have your book sitting pretty in the market place, and we sell each cover to only one author, so you’ll never have an identical book twin out there.   All graphic designers set their own prices, and our work usually goes for $35-$65/hour. That can add up really fast, since most designs can’t be created in under an hour.  But to help out the lovely people who keep us reading (and chewing), we’re not charging the usual prices for basic design work.  Instead, we charge a little bit to recoup a portion of our costs for image licenses, design software, and other tools we have to use, meaning we can create quality designs for prices even broke writers and bloggers can afford.

Stock Images & Licensing

Jellydog Design makes frequent use of stock images in our ebook covers.  As such, we have obtained the appropriate royalty-free licenses to do so (through credits, subscriptions, or direct purchase) from iStockPhoto, 123RF, Dreamstime, or our current favorite AdobeStock.  We also occasionally use stock graphics in other products, provided the license we have purchased allows for such use.  In all circumstances, we strictly adhere to the terms and limits of these licenses.

We strive to create unique products for our customers, and to accomplish this, we limit our use of many images and graphics further than the licenses require.  You can be assured that:

  • We do not accept stock images from customers; we only use those images for which we have properly obtained/purchased licenses to use, ensuring that we are not even unknowingly infringing upon the rights of photographers and designers.
  • If you purchase a premade ebook cover design from us, we will not sell that same design to any other customer.
  • If we use a stock image for an ebook cover design, we will not re-use that image in a different design unless we have significantly modified, cropped, or otherwise altered the image.  For example, we might use a full shot of a couple walking and holding hands in your ebook cover, but on another, we only use a cropped close-up of their clasped hands from that image.
  • If you purchase a business card design from us, we will not sell that same design to any other customer.

As per the requirements of the licenses we purchase, we cannot provide you with the original stock image or graphic, either by itself or in a layered design file.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy of a stock image we have used, please contact us for the link to where you can purchase it from the original copyright holder or agent.